Building a New Church

August 13, 2010   6AM – 8AM

Lord, thank You that you are helping me to stand on the righteous foundation of the past and without violating it, create a new paradigm.  Thank You that you are helping me to introduce a new thing.

Father, I ask for Your blessings of wisdom, favor, and anointing to stand solidly on the righteous past without being locked into the forms and manners of tradition.

Lord, I ask that You bless me with eyes to see new paths, to minister new forms of serving God, to hold to the truth of the old and bring revelation of the new.  Lord, I thank You that you’ve called me, along with many others, to bring the manifest presence of God into my community.

Lord, I ask that you use me to bring forth a new way, a new movement, to worship and serve you in this day.

Father, I ask that you bless Your Church, that we may bear much fruit for Your Kingdom.

Jesus, we give ourselves to seeking Your Face, to being light bearers in the darkness, to seeking You with all our heart.

Father God, we repent of any thought or activity which separates us from You.  Help us to walk righteously in Your Holy Spirit.



Prayer Furnace

Thursday, August 12

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord from the heavens;Praise Him from the heights! Praise Him all his angels; Praise Him all His host!

Praise Him sun and moon; Praise Him all you shining stars! Praise Him, you highest heavens, and you waters above the heavens!   Psalm 148:1-4

We cry out for the legitimate, powerful presence of God to move among His people.  We have a hunger to bring the manifest Glory of God to Bristol.  Father, we ask for the vision and anointing to see what is necessary to prepare the way.

Father God, we humbly come before You and ask for favor with leaders, followers, the churched and the unchurched, that we may bring Revival into Bristol.

Lord, Jesus, we ask for Wisdom and anointing to unite the spiritual heritage of the past with the new thing You are doing today, to bring Your presence into England and the Nations.

Kings of the earth and all the peoples, Princes and rulers of the earth! Young men and women alike, Old and young together! Let them praise the name of the Lord, For His name alone is exalted; His glory is above earth and heaven.He has raised up a horn for His people, Praise for all His faithful,For the people of Israel who are close to Him.  Praise the Lord!                  Psalm 148:11-14

This is a an excerpt from a painting I started at Love Bristol and worked on at Woodlands last week.  It shows the two Cherubim who guard the ark of the covenant, and the cloud of the Presence of God in the middle.  It represents the manifest Glory of God in our midst. Christine Hales

Prayer Furnace For Bristol, UK and the Nations

This blog is for those who are praying for Revival in the UK, Bristol, and the Nations.  It is a virtual Prayer Room, a meeting place, where God’s Presence and His revelation are shared amongst believers and the faithful.

We are praying for the ancient wells of Revival to be opened, for hearts and eyes to be opened, and for God’s love and Holy spirit to flow powerfully through this land.  We remember the heroes of the Welsh Revival, and the Wesley brothers, George Mueller, Reece Howell, the Jeffrey brothers, and many more, who sowed seeds of a better world, who cared for the poor, the widows and orphans, and brought the love and healing power of Jesus to all those in need.

We are praying daily for Revival in our time.  We are a group of faithful believers who are committing to 1-2 hour daily prayer slots so that we have 24-7 coverage.  Around the clock prayer watch for Bristol, the UK and the Nations.

If you would like a prayer slot, let us know.